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We have created four lines of projects to adapt to the environment

We bring our innovative touch to every project, proving that nothing is impossible.



In our PROJECT line, each villa is a masterpiece of customized design and luxury. We focus meticulously on every detail, from conception to execution, ensuring each residence is distinctively unique.


Our designs merge innovation with comfort, creating spaces that are not only visually stunning but also warm and functional homes.


Emphasizing sustainability and integration with the natural surroundings, each villa is a reflection of our commitment to excellence and exclusivity, offering a bespoke living experience that caters to the discerning tastes of our clients.



The SIGNATURE line by GRUPO TURIS PROMOCIONES is a celebration of modern architecture and innovation.


Inspired by the Case Study Houses movement, this line seeks to reinterpret iconic mid-century design principles for the contemporary era.


Each house in this series embodies efficiency, modern aesthetics, and a vibrant spirit.


We aim to create homes that are not just architecturally significant but also pulsate with life and energy.


Our SIGNATURE line is a bold statement in architectural design, blending historical influence with forward-thinking creativity to craft homes that are unique, full of life, and architecturally inspiring.



Our HERITAGE line is an ode to the character and charm of the local region, blending traditional architecture with innovative construction techniques.


Inspired by the area's natural beauty, we utilize local materials such as wood and stone to create a style that resonates with the environment.


These homes are designed to harmonize with their surroundings, offering a timeless appeal.


By maintaining traditional architectural values and integrating new ideas into our construction methods, we create residences that are not only historically respectful but also feature contemporary comforts and modern design elements, making each home a unique fusion of past and present.



At Oasis, we believe that every home is more than just a structure; it is a sanctuary for the soul. Our architect, Maria Jesus Mora, the creator of INLAND, combines her passion for interior design and landscaping with a unique sensibility to create spaces that are not only aesthetically stunning, but also elevate your energy and well-being.


Each Oasis project is a journey towards harmony and balance. Inspired by the principles of nature and spiritual connection, we design homes that are a balm for the soul; places that you don't just live in, but that live in you.


Our designs focus on positively stimulating and influencing you, embracing and enhancing the best version of yourself. At Oasis, each space is crafted to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, creating homes that not only heal but also inspire.


Every project, starting from "Oasis 001", is a manifestation of our commitment to creating spaces that reflect who you are and who you aspire to be. We invite you to discover how our designs can transform your way of living, leading you to a place where every detail resonates with your deepest self.


Project 026

Pla Roig - Calpe

Project 027

Pla Roig - Calpe

Project 045

Fanadix - Benissa

Project 046

Fanadix - Benissa

Project 047

Fanadix - Benissa

Project 049

Fanadix - Calpe

Heritage 245

Fanadix - Benissa

Oasis 01

Garduix - Calpe

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