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# stayathome: ideas to make the most of these days at home

"The time enjoyed is the true time lived," said the Argentine doctor and writer Jorge Bucay once. And how many of the happy moments in a life are enjoyed at home? If we look back, we see that a large part of the smiles that are outlined throughout the year take place within those four walls that make up our home. Birthdays, dinners with friends, Sunday sessions with blankets and movies ... Staying at home is an option that you can make the most of. Therefore, from GRUPO TURIS PROMOCIONES we want to encourage you to enjoy your home by doing #aedasnesting and we give you some tips to get the most out of these days. Be supportive and # stayathome..

Reading, divine treasure

Lovers of reading know that when a book hooks, you can spend hours and hours between pages without realizing how the clock is ticking. These days are an excellent time to recover those classics that you like so much or give new titles a chance. Children can also take advantage of this hobby and begin to discover - if they have not already done so - the wonderful feelings that a good book conveys..

Five star recipes

It does not matter if you are more sweet or salty. When you finish that recipe that you have always wanted to try, you can bring to the table an exquisite delicacy that will delight the whole family. Get that familiar cookbook back or create new flavors through the tips on the internet. The smallest of the house can also contribute their grain of sand by kneading or decorating the dishes. Anything goes when it comes to conquering the palate.

Don't forget about exercise

Passivity is not a good companion and you have to try to keep your body active. If you have gym equipment at home such as exercise bikes or any other machine that helps you get in shape, it is time to use them. In case you do not have them, you can create exercise tables that include squats, sit-ups or push-ups, always within your capabilities

Crafts to exercise the mind

Especially if there are young children at home, crafts are a good idea to keep them entertained. A milk box that turns into a fire station, soda straws that create magnificent bouquets, papers that create incredible origami shapes ... Unleash your creativity and use any item you have at home to give it a new life. If your imagination falters, you can always turn to internet tutorials for ideas.

Order at home

Day by day eats our time and it is never a good time to order that box of old photos or to erase the memes that came to you on New Year's Eve. If you plan your day and manage to overcome laziness, you will enjoy the result and you will eliminate from your list of things for doing that task for which you could not get a hole. You can also take advantage of those DIY tasks for which you never find time. For example, hanging a painting, putting a lamp or fixing that drawer that closes badly.

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