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The construction of our PROJECT 012 ended on May.

The new owners have already been able to enjoy the pool, thanks to the installed cover that makes the water temperature rise and stay warm.

There are limitless houses that link together. Lounges that extend into the garden, terraces that continue into the house. That’s the magic of this project: its ability to extend the outdoor spaces we crave into comfortable interiors. To be that breeze that sneaks in to create natural environments inside and cosy spaces outside.

Comfort, light, views, landscapes, warmth, water, relaxation… In this project we have created magical and comfortable home that fulfil our innate desire to connect with our most natural self. Intuitive home that give us all the time we need, where there’s space for everything except anxiety. Equipped with the latest technological advances, while tremendously human. A house with soul, where life pulsates.


+34 609 82 62 05

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