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Enjoy the benefits of silence for a much happier life.

Being in silence, concentrating on our own being, for just a few minutes provides more benefits than you can imagine. Meditation or not.

"No one is more active than when he is doing nothing, no one is less lonely than when he is with himself". When he wrote these words, the Roman politician, military man and writer Cato did not know it, but he was giving us the keys to learn how to cope with the loneliness caused by the confinement of the coronavirus. With the situation more contained, but still very problematic, we still have a pressing need to take care of our mental health, whether we are aware of it or not. It is a good time to discover the benefits of silence.

Boredom, despair, anger, idleness, rage, sadness... These have been some of the emotions that have accompanied us over the last year and a half. However, confinement and restrictions have also taught many people to take care of themselves and connect with their inner self, with their true essence.

If you have not yet managed to do so, a good idea is to adopt the habit of spending five minutes a day alone and in silence. Your brain will thank you for it, and so will others. It is not about being alone (without company), but about being with yourself.

Five minutes alone and in silence: this is the perfect strategy to connect with yourself and de-stress.

The art of silence and the art of feeling silence are therapeutic tools that have been around for thousands of years and have recently been incorporated into psychology. Try having an appointment with yourself every day. Switch off mobiles, internet and television and find a place to be alone where you can read, listen to music, write or think. You can even put up a 'do not disturb' sign. You will discover that solitude can also be positive and fun.

Six easy guidelines to get the benefits of silence:

  • Turn off all electronic devices and leave the room in silence.

  • Observe your breathing and your whole body.

  • Now notice the sounds around you (the clock or the chirping of a bird) and try not to judge them as pleasant or unpleasant. You will notice that any sound brings up the feeling of space in your mind.

  • Stay for a moment listening to the sounds and feeling the space around you.

  • You can play with your partner or with your children to listen to the sounds in the room and then say what each of you heard.

  • Another interesting option is to colour mandalas while listening to relaxing music. At first you might think they will get bored, but then you will like the silence.

Silence develops creativity, helps to take care of oneself and to enjoy oneself, calms tension, self-regulates, favours concentration and decision making, and even helps to enjoy better quality relationships. That is why so many people recommend meditation for better health, at all levels. Five minutes a day shouldn't take that long, right? You just need to get into the habit, set a timer and silence everything else, including your mind. And even if thoughts tend to come and go, wander and lose focus, being aware of yourself and the power you have over your own wellbeing helps a lot. Enclosures or no enclosures.


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