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Landscaping, living with the five senses at Costa Blanca

Grupo Turis Promociones looks upon home design as a holistic project, taking care of every last detail. Landscaping and designing the sounds and sights that give your home and its surroundings a unique identity is important to us from the moment we put pen to paper.

Studying the surroundings and the terrain around the home is crucial to deciding upon different types of flora that best fit the property. During the building process, we take care not to damage the natural habit and existing plants and trees. This is extremely important. Based on this, and open, naturally, according to owners’ wishes, we start to create a unique, personal ambience for the home.

Lighting and your senses

At Grupo Turis Promociones we believe that gardens are for all day, which is why we set out to create places that are both beautiful and habitable. The areas created in a home will differ according to the available terrace space and its orientation. In this regard, background lighting is pivotal to highlight different features and create interesting shadows.

Considerations involving sight and sound are not restricted to the garden, but also extend to other parts of the plot, such as the swimming pool, where innovation takes things a step further. Many developments incorporate the latest generation lighting technology and allow for variations by means of optical fibre to give a more even feeling of light.

Signature Villas

The Signature Villa concept always gets special treatment. We create and adapt spaces by means of expert, focused work where lighting and landscaping take centre stage.

Each project is different, depending on its location, the land and the type of home. Signature Villas csh# are designed and conceived to be special and unique, with habitable spaces and atmospheres on all their terraces. These homes are planted with unique, mature species to offer an all-encompassing experience.

Landscaping is a differential element that is more often than not neglected.


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