From the beach to the office: Brits choose Spain as the best destination for teleworking in Europe.

A Virgin Media O2 study defines Spain as the 'Office Coast' and says that conditions such as those offered by Spain improve productivity.

The boost teleworking has experienced as a result of Covid-19 puts the country in a prominent position as an ideal place to work remotely. According to a survey by telecoms operator Virgin Media O2, they are quite clear about their preferred destination: Spain and specifically the Costa Blanca North area.

The country, which the study calls the 'Office Coast', was voted for by 45% of the survey's participants and beats such popular destinations as France (41%), Italy (34%), Portugal (32%) and Germany (29%).

In fact, it highlights that 49% of respondents say that the environment in which they work has the biggest impact on their productivity, so it is not surprising that such a high percentage are inclined to take advantage of the possibility to telecommute and connect "from a sunny climate or an exotic location".

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