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Brabus’s 800 Adventure XLP Superblack Is the Mercedes Supertruck You Didn’t Know You Needed

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

If you’re looking for a Mercedes-Benz truck but the X-Series just isn’t doing it for you, Brabus has you covered.

The German tuner has just unveiled its latest custom ride, the 800 Adventure XLP Superblack. The shop has taken the G-Wagen, added a bed and portal axles and turned the beloved SUV into the supertruck enthusiasts have been begging for.

This isn’t Brabus’s first 800 Adventure XLP, but it might be the most impressive version yet. Like its predecessor, the burly 4×4 is based on the Mercedes-AMG G63. Some major changes have been made to the SUV, though. The back half of the cab has been chopped off and replaced with a truck bed (don’t worry, there’s still plenty of room in the black leather- and carbon-fiber-accented interior). The Obsidian Black vehicle has also been stretched 27 inches so it now measures 17.4 feet from bumper to bumper, and has been equipped with heavy-duty cable winch, roof rack and high-performance exhaust system.

Those aren’t the only changes you’ll notice. The Superblack has also been lifted and features an all-new suspension setup that includes front and rear portal axles. Designed specifically for off-road vehicles, portal axles feature a half-shaft that’s offset from the center of the wheel, allowing for more ground clearance. On the base G63, ground clearance is 8.8 inches; on the Superblack, it’s 19.1 inches. That’s a huge difference and one that means Brabus’s truck can tackle almost any terrain it encounters. The 22-inch forged wheels wrapped in all-terrain tires don’t hurt either.

Brabus has also done some tinkering under the hood. The truck’s 4.0-liter twin turbo V-8, which is mated to a nine-speed automatic that sends power to all four wheels, has been specially tuned to churn out 790 horses and 737 ft lbs of twist. Thanks to this, the vehicle can sprint from zero to 62 in 4.8 seconds and hit a top speed of 130 mph. Sure, there are faster vehicles out there, but they’re likely not hulking trucks that tip the scale at 6,473 pounds.

Brabus hasn’t announced a release date for the Superblack. It’s also unclear how much it will cost, though we wouldn’t be surprised if it exceeds the first 800 Adventure XLP’s $626,300 starting price. But, then again, you don’t buy a supertruck because it’s cheap.


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