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Interior architecture

A close partnership

Our aim goes beyond architecture. We create unique and surprising spaces, designed to transmit, in addition to aesthetics and functionality, sensations of harmony, beauty and balance.

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Grupo Turis Promociones & El Departamento Estudio

 Together, as a team, we offer a complete turn-key service for the development of  projects, overseeing the entire process from idea generation to handover.


Our interior design team draws on a vast reservoir of experience through a comprehensive three-stage design process, optimizing space while ensuring that every detail complements the larger picture to form a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing and utterly original whole:


Concept Design

Schematic Design

Design Development

Meet El Departamento Estudio

The Studio Department was born at the beginning of 2017, with the great challenge of revising the architecture and interior spaces of the historical moment in which we live. It is the place where contemporaneity and experimentation converge. A path that goes from interior design and architecture to design. A young and energetic office, nourished by the talent of Alberto (architect) and Marina (creative director), and by their professional/life experiences in cities such as London, New York, Madrid and Barcelona. 


Its founders, after working for companies with international presence and recognition such as Foster and Partners London, HWKN New York or Manolo Blahnik London, have obtained the necessary knowledge to face their own challenges and provide an added value that makes the difference.


The Department aims to provide total coverage to its clients, covering small and medium sized companies as well as individuals. Pursuing a contemporary style, regardless of fashions and with timeless influences related to architecture, cinema, design and art.

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